Paul Walker

Marathon Man who built the new PRG website

Paul Walker, the former Reuters man who built our new Pension Review Group (PRG) website, is a mad keen runner with a dodgy back going for next year’s London Marathon in memory of his sister Louise.  Married, with two teenage children, Paul built the new Pension Review Group (PRG) website in his own time for free, in consultation with PRG members, particularly Charlie Richardson, Jane Slatter and Adrian Robson among others. He was at Reuters/Thomson Reuters for 11 years from 2003 to 2014 in the Professional Services Group working on IT projects. The reason for posting this is a gesture of thanks to Paul for all

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Pensions Industry Split Over Priority for Defined Benefit Surpluses – Sponsors or Members – LCP Sep 2023

Divisions in the pensions industry over whom should benefit from DB pension schemes surpluses became apparent during a webinar organised by consultants LCP,  the latter said in a statement. By a narrow margin, the largest group of the 200 participants (37.5%) felt  companies who had set up a scheme in the first place and provided most of the funding should be the ones to benefit most from any upside.  But there was also strong support (30.5%) for DB members to see some upside – perhaps from discretionary benefit increases – and for also (29.7%) for the DC generation to benefit from released

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